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Data Backup & Recovery 
Protect Your Data & Your Business

Regular data backups are crucial in the small business world, where the failure to backup sensitive information can lead to huge losses. You're well aware of the need for these backups, and yet, left to your own devices, you often neglect to stay up to date. That’s why you need targeted business data backup solutions customized to your enterprise's specific demands.

When you require a reliable backup system, your best choice is NerdsToGo®. We offer a range of data backup and recovery solutions. Whether you're on the hunt for proactive options or need assistance amid a digital emergency, you can count on our team of certified Nerds for prompt service!


Small Business Data Backups

In the event of a breach or power outage, you want to know that your data is safe. This peace of mind is only available if you seek data backups before issues outside of your control arise. Ideally, you will work with a company dedicated to providing data backup solutions for small businesses.

At The Tech Guy, we can deliver commercial data backup for a variety of files and documents. These include:

  • Accounting data

  • Customer data

  • Personnel records

  • Tax-based correspondence

  • Emergency plans

  • Photos and videos

Top Four Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Data


There are all sorts of “backups” that help get you out of various data situations. Think of the spare tire in your vehicle. If you’ve ever blown a tire or ended up with a flat on the side of the road, you know how vital your spare tire is to get you back on the road to your destination safe and sound.

Let’s step back and count down the top four reasons why businesses need a proper data backup.


1. Simple Recovery

People are not infallible and make mistakes. Emails containing viruses are accidentally opened every day and important files are mistakenly deleted. There’s no reason to fear if you take frequent incremental snapshots of your systems that revert your systems back to their prior state. These actions protect you and your business from the little missteps that could potentially erase or eliminate your data.

2. Audits, Taxes, and Archives

Many businesses are required to keep records for an extended period, may it be for taxes or other regulatory purposes. It’s easy to assume that one copy of these documents on your computer has you covered. But as you might know by now, having one copy is generally a huge mistake. Having an offsite backup of required personal/ business information can save you if something goes wrong locally. This is critical when regulatory commissions like the IRS, HIPPA, and other regulatory commissions, request this information to ensure compliance.

3. Deadly Data Loss

A study by the University of Texas showed that 43% of businesses that suffer major data loss are never reopened. Don’t think Mother Nature is always responsible, human hands are very capable of destroying a business through silly mistakes or oversights. Simply backing up data and having a disaster recovery plan in place can help mitigate these types of threats. The best way to prevent this loss is to think proactively and ensure your files will survive what life throws at you.

4. Doing Work Twice

The first rule at work is “do it right the first time.” If you suffer a minor failure and don’t have the backups, you’ll have ample work to redo whether it’s setting systems up or recreating documents. Worse yet, if you suffer a major data loss you could feasibly end up re-doing everything you’ve ever done—that’s a situation few companies survive.

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