Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Winning RMM Services to Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage


With remote monitoring and management (RMM), we can proactively monitor your environment, behind the scenes, and resolve issues without disrupting users. We are more efficient, which means your users remain more productive.

We utilize our industry-leading remote management, monitoring, and control software to establish performance thresholds and diagnostic protocols for all of your critical assets. When an issue arises, our Network Operation Center is notified automatically and takes the necessary action to resolve. With The Tech Guy monitoring your environment, technical issues can be resolved remotely, behind the scenes, and before your users are even aware of them, so you can remain focused on your business.

We provide your organization with insight into the overall health of your network through 24x7 remote system monitoring.

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring & Management

  • Minimize downtime with 24x7 monitoring and early detection.

  • Automated alerts sent directly to our Network Operation Center for validation and remediation.

  • Resolve issues in real-time.

  • Reduce technical resolution wait time when problems do occur.

  • Increase productivity for your users, network, and business.

  • Reduce maintenance costs with regularly-scheduled patches, updates, etc.

  • Patch Management to ensure all your updates are installed when you want, not random.

  • Remote support for the fastest support available.

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The Benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Wipe device when lost or stolen.

  • Lock to prevent data breach.

  • Enable Lost Mode to protect data.

  • Remotely Play Alarm Sound when lost.

  • Activation Lock By-pass

  • Cleat Pass-code when forgotten.

  • Set Pass-code to prevent unauthorized access to device.

  • Device Encryption for sensitive data protection.

  • Selective Wipe


These are all great reason to have MDM on your mobile devices. This will ensure all you devices and data is protected as well has compliant with Government regulations. 

The Tech Guy is ready to help your organization with its Remote Network Monitoring & Management. If you're ready to find the right solution, fill out the contact form or call 903-339-2222.