• Mike Sanchez

WannaCry Ransomware Update

Updated: May 9, 2020

WannaCry continues to affect servers and PCs this morning at a rapid rate. As previously mentioned, please undertake the following immediately if you haven't done so already: 1) Download and install Microsoft Patch MS-017 immediately. 2) Ensure you have clean backups of critical applications and files. Test them and scan them for viruses before moving them to production environment. 3) Ensure employees and contractors you work with do not click on suspicious links. Look closely at incoming emails for suspicious content or misspelled words. 4) Make sure application and event logs are enabled and at a minimum store 90 days of activity is being recorded. Include these in your backup procedures. Call us If you notice suspicious behavior or anomalies in Network components, systems or applications. Regards, Mike Sanchez Chief Information Security Officer

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