• Greg Burns

SimpliSafe DIY Home Security System

Updated: May 9, 2020

I decided to setup a DIY home security system in my home to see how easy it was to setup and how well it would work to protect my home. I ordered the system from the SimpliSafe website with the holiday discount during the 2018 Christmas Holiday sale. There must have been a lot of orders this past year because my order was delayed by a few days.  Once the system was received, the setup was like described, fairly easy to setup. 

Opening of the box found that everything was there from the bay station down to each door/ window sensors. Starting with the key pad settings will help you setup everything from the bay station, door/ window sensors and motion detectors. The key pad is the key to the SimpliSafe system along with the bay station as the receiver. It took about 20 minutes for complete setup.

After setup was completed I gave the system a test to see how it would respond.  Pressing the home button to test the system went very well. Once any door or windows was opened I had only a few seconds to input the security pin to stop the siren from going off.  Next I tested the away function. When a door or windows was opened on this setting the siren goes off immediately. There is professional monitoring that can be setup that will call the police and you when your alarm goes off. There is an app that goes along with this alarm system as well, but you can only get access to the app only if you setup the professional monitoring. Running the SimpliSafe security system at your home will work fine if you are not needing an app to control your system you can use this system. If you are needing professional monitoring, this system is a great system as well.

When it comes to their app to control your security system, you must purchase their monitoring services in order to use the Simplisafe app. 

Make sure you know when your purchase date is, becuase your 60 day trial starts on the purchase date. Not the date you actually receive the product. Check with their customer service department continuously until you received the product and inform them when you recive the product, that way you can have the 60 day trial from the day you actually receive the product. 

I recommend this DIY security system for any one looking for a low cost DIY home and small business security system. Easy setup and install for anyone. 

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