• Gregory Burns

Severe Weather Disaster Plan

When it comes to severe weather conditions, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, etc., be sure to protect your network in the following ways:

- Shut down and unplug all servers and workstations.

- Unplug network devices, such as switches, modems, etc.

- Make sure all camera systems and security cameras are connected to an APC

battery backup, and the backup is office the ground.

- If power will be out for any period of time, unplug the APC battery backups.

- Make sure to raise hardware off the floor if there will be possible flooding.

- Look over your Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan.

- Make sure your online backup services are setup and online.

- If you network is hit and need of remediation, give us a call at 903-339-2222

The Tech Guy specializes in network remediation after a disaster and Cyber Security Experts.

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