Cracked screen has you down, let us put a smile on your face!

As with all industry types that we serve, we replace cracked screens for all tablets and smartphones. Lucky for you, The Tech Guy has real-world experience in handling them. Our techs has gained a vast amount of experience replacing cracked screens, and we can help you get your tablet and smartphone looking like new.

Get Your Smartphone & Tablet Repaired:

  • Broken Screen 

  • Cracked Screen 

  • Digitizer 

  • LCD Repair

  • Charger port repair

  • Home Button 

  • Power Button

  • Headphone Jacks

  • Batteries

  • Speakers & more

The Tech Guy provides unparalleled repair services. 

Picture of smartphone broken screen and fixed screen
Picture of a broken tablet and fixed tablet screen

We use only the highest quality parts, adhesives, and skilled labor in the area and are more than happy to offer customers a lifetime warranty on our work. You can't beat that.

The Tech Guy also provide repair services for your tablets as well. Your iPad screen cracked, broken. We can fix it. Home button not working. We can fix it. Samsung tablet has a cracked screen. We can fix it. No matter how it happened we can fix it. 

Keep in mind that we will be completely honest with you at time of repair about both the feasibility and cost effectiveness of the repair we are undertaking so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision. Some of the lower end Android tablets are more easily replaced than repaired and we usually stock a variety of Android tablets if device replacement is the best solution for you. We're here to make happy customers.