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VoIP Services

Switching your office to hosted VoIP services from your current provider can save you money, help you scale, save your staff time, and keep your employees connected even when some are working in remote locations. The Tech Guy delivers VoIP services that fulfill your company’s communication needs at predictable, reasonable prices. We can convert your analog sytems to cloud VOIP systems. We also back up our VoIP services with support from our experienced staff who can help if you ever have questions or a concern about your company’s hosted VoIP services.

Of course, The Tech Guy VoIP services provide clear, high-quality voice audio, but you can also benefit from these key features with our VoIP service:


  • Voicemail to Text and Email

  • Smartphone, PC & Tablet app

  • Company Directory

  • Custom Caller ID

  • Auto Attendant, custom hold music

  • Free new phones

  • Video conferencing software

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Monthly phone bills from traditional providers get expensive quickly. Furthermore, traditional landlines aren’t very flexible and often have limited use. Utilizing VoIP technology is an easier option for most businesses that will get you more options and often cost you less.

VoIP provides flexibility that makes a difference in the workplace. Users can bring their phones with them and keep the same number as long as they have an Internet connection. Have staff that travels a lot and spends time at hotels and conferences? They can still stay connected with their office phone on the same number with their smartphone app. This also makes instituting work from home a much easier prospect for many businesses. Using VoIP services gives your staff more options.

Choosing The Tech Guy as your VoIP provider will give you several notable benefits:

  • Help Desk Support for Any VoIP-Related Issues When You Need It

  • Access to Knowledgeable Technicians with Experience and Expertise

  • Reliable Voice Service for Your Staff with 99.999% Up-time

  • Process-Focused Support for Hassle-Free Implementation

As a process-focused company, you can trust The Tech Guy for a smooth implementation process when setting VoIP up at your business. We also provide full transparency while you’re partnered with us for your VoIP services, so you always know the benefits you’re receiving. We don’t leave you in the dark.

Partner with The Tech Guy for your hosted VoIP and improve your company’s communication. We’re ready to discuss the options available for VoIP at your company. Schedule an appointment with The Tech Guy and learn more about what VoIP services can do to improve how your organization operates.

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