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Wireless Networking Services

Say Goodbye to Cables & Hello to Freedom

Does your home have several computers or devices that use the same internet router? If you have wires connecting each of your devices, The Tech Guy can help you go wireless. Our expert technicians will come to your property and quickly set up your Wi-Fi services so that all of your computers and devices can work seamlessly through a single wireless router.

There are quite a few benefits of using a Wi-Fi network. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider going wireless:

  • Eliminate the need for cables – Wired internet connections require, you guessed it, wires. If you have more than one internet-connected computer or device, that means you have several wires running through your home or business. Not only can this look messy, but it also gives you less freedom to move from one place to another. A wireless router will eliminate the wire mess and give you more flexibility.

  • Easily share printers and applications – With wireless networking, all of your computers can share printers, graphics, files, and other multi-user applications. This will eliminate the need for you to purchase additional equipment and software.

  • Wireless device convenience – A wireless router will allow you to connect various smartphones and tablets to the internet.

  • Peace of mind – Wireless networks aren’t only more convenient, they are also more secure, as they can have advanced encryption technology. This additional level of protection can protect your data and files from digital intruders.

It’s time to streamline how you access the internet! Our experienced technicians can assess your home or office setup and expertly install your wireless router in the area with the best signal. It’s time to get rid of the cables and embrace freedom.

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Network Repairs & Troubleshooting

Are you having recurrent issues with your wi-fi? Our team provides in-person support for network repair and internet connectivity problems. We assist both homes and businesses with the proper setup so that you don't have to waste hours on the phone with a distracted representative. We can also assess your laptop and computer setup to troubleshoot any problems with your other home tech devices.

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